Harvard Foosball Table

Enjoy real foosball on a Harvard foosball table. Playing on nice wooden, tournament style foosball tables is awesome. The manuals & instructions make assembly easy & with great accessories & easy to order replacement parts, Harvard really is a great foosball table company to own and play on. Popular models like the g01608 can be found at local stores like Sears or online at so many retailer websites.

harvard foosball tableThere are many new and used foosball tables by Harvard online.  Popular models include the Harvard Deca, Mid Fielder, and Rematch.  The Mid Fielder is the nicest one of the three with a wooden case.  The other two are beautiful as well with black siding and metal colored accents and chrome steel rods with octagonal handles. This attention to detail and design is what makes Harvard foosball products some of the best in the industry.

Those that play foosball at a high level or just like the feel of a solid table whether wood or metal, love the various Harvard tables like the Rematch and Eclipse. Toys R Us, Target and Sports Authority are some of the top stores to buy these tables at the best prices in-store or online. Many stores have comparable pricing on these types of game board items. However, the differences can come in the cost of shipping. Foosball tables are heavy wether they come assembled or in a box with pieces that need to be put together. Usually, the more high-end, the heavier the table. This can be great for longevity, but the upfront cost for the table and delivery may make some buyers hesitant.

Harvard Foosball Table Replacement Parts - Men

The Harvard Mid Fielder table is also great because it has drink holders as well!  This is great because you'll get parched with all the fast action foosball play that's going to happen on the table!  And, if you lose your foosballs, Harvard sells them separately as accessories as you can see below. Replacement men are some of the most highly sought out parts for repair. This makes sense as it's the most used part of the foosball table. Of course, the actual foosball balls are placed under as much heavy stress from game to game. The rod arms and bearings can get worn out fast over time as well depending on the amount of daily usage. In public places where gameplay is constant, regular upkeep and maintenance is suggested even for top brand name products like Harvard foosball table models. This includes tightening the foosball men as well as lubricating the rods with silicone liquid by the manufacturers.

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Harvard Foosball Table
Harvard Foosball Table
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If you own a Foosball table or have played on one that you like, which brand and model was it?  Why did you like it?  Was it the surface or maybe angled corners on the playing field or the feel of the men or handles/poles?  Or did you just win all the time on it?  There are many reasons that make a good foosball table a great one.  From the strength of the sport company's brand name or the ease of getting replacement parts and even the easy to read Harvard foosball table manual that comes with all the foosball tables.