Compressor Specifications AC Delco R4

Compressors are an essential component of air conditioners. They compress the cold low-pressure refrigerant in the high pressure hot gas before the condenser converts it to a fluid. The R4 compressor, AC Delco, is common in vehicle air conditioners,   More..

Aspirin keeps a fresh Christmas tree?

Opinions vary when it comes to the use of an aspirin tablet in your Christmas tree water. Some swear she keeps fresh for longer, but experts of the National Association of the US Christmas tree say there is no evidence to support this assumption. How  More..

DIY chlorination of drinking water

From the beginning, life is centered around water, but only from the 19th century people realized that water could transmit diseases. While Europeans were reluctant to treat the water supply with chlorine because of its use as a chemical warfare agen  More..

How to educate the baby to sleep through the night without breastfeeding

While breast chest, most newborns need to be fed once or twice during the night. However, after the third month, some babies can sleep through the night without feeding. It is important to make sure that your child is really feeding during night feed  More..

How to Clean a hygrometer of Lufft

The hygrometers are devices that measure humidity. The company Lufft makes a wide range of hygrometers, installing devices in devices such as compact weather stations, saunas and industrial machinery. The only external portion of a hygrometer in one   More..

DIY: Tonic water

The tonic is a mixture widely used in alcoholic beverages, however, make it at home is not common. The tonic water purchased in stores has a very different flavor of homemade version. Those commercially produced have a very similar taste to the bitte  More..

Sending mail overnight

If you need to deliver a letter or package overnight, there is no time to lose! The good news is there are several carriers that offer overnight service from the United States Post Office (USPS), if you are in the country, to private companies like F  More..

How to make glass globes and paper weights

Globes with snow and water are transparent spheres exhibiting some kind of miniature scene. The most common glass globes are those that depict Christmas. The general concept of one is shake it and watch the snow or glitter floating randomly inside. C  More..

How to make a glass globe

Create your own world map and decorate your home with something that is more than a geographical tool. Build your own stained glass globe requires some skill and time, but the end result will be a world of which you can be proud. You can even turn it  More..

How to make a incubator eggs

Eggs require specific conditions to hatch. Temperature and humidity form two of the most important conditions in a hatchery eggs. To keep these variables consistent, make a incubator from scratch using a Styrofoam cooler. The cooler isolates the eggs  More..

How to make an electronic plasma globe

Plasma globes, also known as plasma lamps, are a fascinating demonstration of the physics principles. They work by passing a high voltage electrical current curving go to the gas molecules into the glass, causing the atoms along the way of bows agita  More..

How to grow ferns as houseplants

Growing ferns as houseplants really is a certain challenge. They need an average humidity level much higher than normally found in most homes. The answer to this dilemma, as well as land and fertilizer needs are explained in the following steps. Dire  More..

How to install stucco screws

Install screws in stucco exterior is similar to mount a screw in masonry or brick. The stucco is a hard material applied to the exterior of a house, which takes the place of siding. When installing a screw in this material, you need to make a hole, b  More..

How to make a belly button piercing at home

The body piercings - once considered a taboo subject - can now be found in men and women of all ages. Perhaps one of the most popular piercing is the navel. This piercing, mostly painless and hassle-free as long as proper care is taken. Although it i  More..

Why are my front wheels make so much noise when I walk by car?

The causes of noise in the front wheels may not be obvious, but you can restrict one or two, giving a detective. Pay attention to the environmental conditions in which you walk. A constant noise anywhere you drive has a different cause a noise that a  More..

How to Clean piercing screw

If you use a screw piercing or a ring, you have to keep it as clean as possible. An infected piercing is not sexy. Piercings screw take about six to eight weeks to heal. The first stud bolt used for piercing takes longer to heal because of swelling t  More..

Stapling screw on a climbing

Staple a screw is easy, but when you're relying on something and without strength to hold the safety equipment may be the only thing between you and a fall, so do correctly. Directions 1 Set the "quickdraw" to the upper carabiner is facing   More..

Ideas of how to use jeans shirts

The jeans is a durable fabric and has been a perennial favorite of men and women. Jeans shirts are perfect accessories to use, but it takes a little careful not to miss. Skirts and regattas Shirts jeans give women the opportunity to use colored piece  More..

The best swimsuit for women with large thighs

Summer is the time when the caterpillar leaves the cocoon of cardigans and toasty warm slippers and turns into a gorgeous butterfly. This is only possible if the butterfly find a bathing suit that makes your body look fabulous. However, one must take  More..

How to Transfer 35mm negatives to digital format

The transfer of your 35mm negatives to digital format is a great way to preserve and modernize their images because having them so allows you to organize, print and store your memories. This transfer requires a specialized negative scanner that proce  More..